Adding guests is an important part of your wedding and It’s easy to add an invite to Weddingpress, just go to the Guest List page and click Add New Guest at the top of the page.

This will then take you to a form to fill out about your new item, simply fill it out and click save. The invite has now been added to your Weddingpress!

If you’re worried about having online invites but don’t want people assuming they are invited to your whole wedding then don’t worry. With Weddingpress you select which events your guests are invited to, they are then only asked about these events when they complete their RSVP, ensuing your guest numbers don’t grow expectantly and you nobody is left feeling embarrassed.

You can also do the same with your meal options too!

Below are some of the options you can use when adding a new invite.


Setting NameDescription
Group NameThis is the name of the group of guests, for example Anty Jan's family have the group name Anty Jan
ReferenceIf you want guests to RSVP online this will be the code they will use, it is automatically generated based on group name but you can change it
Invited toThe events that the guests will be able to RSVP
Meal OptionIf this is selected the guest's will be asked for a meal preference
Number Of GuestsThe number of guests for this invite
Guest x First NameThe guest's first name
Guest x LastNameThe guest's last name
Guest x AdultWhether the guest is an adult or not