When a guest completes an RSVP it is a simple easy and even fun process, lets take a look at what happens when this test user fills out their RSVP

Step1 – Enter Code

The first thing a guest will need to do is to enter their RSVP code, this will either be on their e-vite or given to them from you. If they get the code wrong or have already filled out their RSVP it will show a friendly error message.


Step 2 – Complete RSVP Form

Next the guest will need to enter the RSVP details such as menu options and which events they are attending. Don’t worry about guests inviting themselves to other invites they will only see the options you put on their invite.

As with the first page, if the guest does anything wrong they will get a friendly error message to help them out.

Once completed your guest will click ‘Confirm your RSVP’, this will complete their RSVP.

Step 3 – Completed RSVP

After the RSVP has been completed the guest will be shown a friendly completed page, they will get an email confirming their selection and you will receive a copy if you have set your email address in the Email Settings page.

From this point you will be able to see the RSVP selection on the RSVP Responses page.