It’s easy to add a new Gift List Item, just go to the Gift List Items page and click Add New Item at the top of the page.

This will then take you to a form to fill out about your new item, simply fill it out and click save. Now you’re ready for your gift to be bought!


Below are some of the options you can use when adding a new Gift List Item.


Setting NameDescription
Image PreviewThis is a preview of your gift list item picture
Image URLHere you can add a picture for your item, if you click Select Image you can use a super easy image uploader to add your picture
Item DescriptionThis will be the text shown next to your item to tell your guests what it is and why it would be so great for you
PayPal CurrencyThis is the currency of the item
Total AmountTotal cost of the item
Total Amount LeftHow much the item has left to purchase. For example if your item is a holiday for $5000 and somebody has given you $1000 you would enter $4000